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The Marine Solutions 4W-2T electro-hydraulic Linear Cable Engine (LCE) has been designed for telecoms-cables and repeaters.
The L.C.Engine is a compact design, self-contained, requiring only an electric supply.
Designed to be very mobile and easy to operate through latest technology joystick controls.

Cable Engine Specifications:

Cable / Product handling capability:
Up to 400mm diameter repeater (fully automatic handling)

Up to 2-ton tension & up to 5 km/hr. cable-speed

Tyre Type:
Dunlop special tyres aircraft type - Linear Cable Engine

The engine can be operated either as master or slave according to operators selection. Master - Slave machines are connected with ethernet cable.

Operation Guidance:
The cables and repeaters are centralized with respect to the tyres by means of two symmetrically linked rollers, hydraulically operated, locates at both ends of the engine. The movement of the wheel arms and roller guides is such that 400mm diameter can automatically pass through.
Auto tension operation:
Auto tension function, hydraulic operated, adjustable from 300 kg. up to the maximum design tension, absolute and totally smooth operation.

Drive Type:
Electro-hydraulic drive providing smooth stepless speed and tension control in either direction from zero up to 100% of the design performance of the engine. The engine can hold maximum tension at zero speed.

Brake System:
Spring applied – hydraulic release. Brake rated to 3 Tons.

Controls – Automation - Instrumentation:
Local controls – Remote Controls. Siemens automation through PLC type S7-1200. 8” TFT Color Screen. Digital LCD screen Indicators

3ph 380/440V – 50/60Hz

Max Power Demand:
45kW – 63Amps

L:2300mm x W:1300mm x H:1800mm




Engine Description:

The linear cable engine is of welded steel construction.

Consists mainly of a steel frame, four wheels in pairs on their carrying brackets, adjustable cable guide rollers, electro hydraulic power unit installed on frame, an electric board which includes all necessary automation and a cabled remote control from which wheels operation is achieved, build in encoder mechanism, build in master/slave operation modes.

The main technical characteristics of the linear cable engine are as follows:

PROJECT:                            Linear Cable Engine
TYPE:                                  4W – 1.5T
MAX. TENSION:                   1500 Kgr.
MAX. SPEED:                      0 - 3500 m/h
ENGINE WEIGHT:               about 5300 Kgr.






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