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Engine room

•    Installation of main propulsion systems and steering gear.
•    Alignment of main engines and gearboxes by means of state of the art laser alignment systems.
•    Manufacturing  and installation of stern tubes.
•    Manufacturing  and installation of V-brackets.
•    Installation  of gearboxes.
•    Mounting of hydraulic couplings on propeller shafts.
•    Alignment of propeller shafting system with the gearbox.
•    Preparation & casting of chock fats material.
•    Alignment of reduction gears with main propulsion engines.

Steering gear
•    Manufacturing  and installation of steering gear and rudder.
•    Manufacturing  and installation of associated hydraulic systems.
•    Manufacturing  of all associated hydraulic piping and fittings.

Hull & main propulsion

•    Mounting of CPP Shafting systems.
•    Construction of floating vessels.
•    Installation of bow thrusters and manufacturing of all related hydraulic systems.
•    Installations & adjustment of hydraulic pump and motor for the bow thruster.

Deck machinery

•    Design, manufacturing, installation and class approval of:
•    Electro hydraulic winches, windlasses and associated power blocks.
•    Roller fairleaders.
•    Electro-hydraulic or otherwise driven deck machinery.

Garage and passenger ramps & doors

Design, manufacturing and installation of the electro hydraulic system for the operation of garage & passenger ramps and doors, as well as watertight sliding doors. Construction of doors, rams & related steel components.

By using state-of-the art technology Marine Solutions Ltd is able to create cutting edge products within several different fields in shipbuilding. we are taking part in close cooperation with shipyards at a variety of different vessels: cruise ship, ferries, bulk carriers, tankers, tugs, work vessels, fishing vessels, naval vessels, yacht and tailor-made vessels to meet specific customer’s needs. Being in shipbuilding industry with long traditions ( over 50 years) we also deliver a range of the products and services to our costumers that draw upon the experience of several decade years of creating unique solutions. In addition we offer life cycle support to our customers, such us maintenance and upgrading /modification of vessels and /or machineries.


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