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Design and constructions are carried out in accordance with the most stringent technical standards and can be certified by any classification society.
The quality of the systems and the machinery we built is very high, placing Marine Solutions as one of the leading companies in the industry of manufacturing machines, machineries and systems.
As technology in marine engineering and marine equipment is constantly upgraded, Marine Solutions Ltd follows this  progress. In addition, the training of the company’s  founders and the executives plays an important role.
The high level of the expertise and training is constantly upgraded and modernized to meet both our own high standards and specifications and, by extension, our customers’.

The following points summarize part of our accomplishments in respect of design & construction.
3D Mechanical design and product simulation.
Anchor Windlasses and winches.

•    Built in PLC control capabilities
•    Auto tension & auto speed capabilities
•    Auto speed change High speed low torque – Low speed high torque.
•    Fitting of electro-hydraulic power units for precise control & enhanced reliability.
•    Optimization of Hydraulic circuit.

Steering gears and rudder stocks
Complete propeller (tail) shafting systems
Bow & Stern thrusters
Catapult system for ferries and Ro-Ro Ships
Garage and passenger ramps & doors
Deck machinery
Main deck watertight doors for ferries and Ro-Ro Ships
Electrohydraulic or electric systems
Automation and control systems
Rollers, Bitts, Moorings eye and chocks
Heave compensation systems
Cable Engines
Modification of existing systems based in taylor made specifications.
Tailor-made /custom made machineries and systems to meet certain requirement or specification needs

New projects:
Linear cable engines & portable Latte Machine
Heave Compensation Systems
Portable Lathe and Milling Machine
Machinery Capability:
Min. Diameter 3800mm
Max. Diameter 5500mm
Portable Lathe and Milling Machine
Machinery Capability:
Min. Diameter 1800mm
Max. Diameter 4000mm

All our designs and constructions meet the following criteria:

•    Stringent technical standards.
•    Always in accordance with IACS classification societies .
•    Customer’s requirements and specifications.
•    Utilizing the latest design and manufacturing technology.
•    High quality materials.
•    Highest level of accuracy.
•    Advanced continuously quality control.
•    User friendly.


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